The American Institute of Architects – Academy of Architecture for Justice (AIA-AAJ) Sustainable Justice Committee (SJC) developed out of the following question: “Close your eyes and imagine it is 2030, and everything we have ever hoped for in creating a green, sustainable world has been accomplished. What do you see in the world of “…law enforcement?” “….detention/corrections?” “….courthouses?” Answering this question has been at the heart of the work of the AIA AAJ Sustainable Justice Committee since its inception. In this episode we will discuss the committee’s past, present, and future initiatives, and how the group contributes to the evolution of justice facility design.


Erica Loynd


Erica is an expert in the design of government facilities and the leader of DLR Group’s Civic practice. Her design approach centers on conversation with the owner and client to fully understand their goals, needs and the expectations of their stakeholders. She understands this is especially important in public projects that incur close scrutiny from the public and parties who demand sound decision-making in how public funds are invested.

Erica is particularly passionate about sustainability, restorative justice, and the impact of the built environment on human wellness. She focuses on unifying all team members to explore design options that take advantage of passive opportunities in building orientation, envelope design, daylighting, natural ventilation, and material choices–strategies that are the essence of sustainability, and significantly reduce reliance on mechanical and electrical systems. Acoustics, material colors, textures, and space planning influence all occupants of the building from public officials and staff to members of the public.

Gary Retel


Gary Retel is nationally recognized as an influential justice design expert. He has contributed to projects and the built form including courts, detention, juvenile, medical, behavioral health, and special needs facilities for municipal, county, state and federal government clients. He is committed to evidence based and best practice design 

 A long-time member of Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ), Gary has spoken at national conferences on a variety of justice design topics and has been recognized and awarded for excellence in his work. As a lead designer with DLR Group’s Justice + Civic Group, he collaborates across the firm on solutions that contribute to behavioral, environmental, and social betterment. He currently serves as Co-Chair of the AAJ Sustainable Justice Committee.

Additional Information


“AIA” – American Institute of Architects

“AAJ” – Academy of Architecture for Justice

“LEED” – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

AIA AAJ Sustainable Justice Committee Resources:

AIA AAJ Sustainable Justice Committee Webpage

2011 Green Guide to Justice

2015 sustainable justice guidelines    

2015 Restorative Justice Workshop

Other Resources:

 LEED Rating System – U.S. Green Building Council

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